Feb 2011 10

Before I begin this quick round up, for the record I am currently using:
Komodo IDE, version 6.1.0, build 60797, platform macosx-x86

I never really used the ‘Project’ feature on Komodo because annoyingly you cold only set up local projects and most of the files I worked on were stored on a remote server. Plus it is so quick and easy to open a file (local or remote) that I never really saw the need to create a new ‘Project’.

Komodo have been slowly leaking improvements, upgrades and new versions into its ActiveState software and somewhere along the line (I honestly couldn’t tell you where but probably new in 6.0) it is now possible to create a Remote Project.

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Oct 2010 31

Another client, another website. This time a clever virtual business card for a renowned local architect.

Virtual business cards offer a number of advantages over their paper counterparts: they’re cheaper (often free), they take up less room in your pocket, you can’t run out of them, they automatically update, and perhaps most importantly, they can instantly hook into your social graph. – Mashable

Read this article to see why your next business card might be virtual.

Oct 2010 27

Sometimes you just want to see the map and that big white bubble is spoiling your fun. So, here’s how to get rid.

I’m on the edge of my seat! Show me the rest of this content pur-lease!

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